2A Fast Charge, USB-C 2A Fast Charge, USB-C

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With the original Samsung AFC Quick Charger and the USB-C charging cable in white, you can easily charge your Samsung devices via the USB-C port at home, in the office or when travelling. The power adapter has a USB port and can be connected to the included USB-C to USB charging cable. Users of a new generation smartphone from Samsung can charge your device within 30 minutes by 50% with the integrated quick charging function of the charger.  Thanks to overheating, overvoltage and short-circuit protection, the USB power supply is a safe companion and can charge all common battery types such as Ni-MH, Li-Io n and Li-Polymer. Charging via the USB port with a laptop or PC is also possible. The charging set is fully compatible and ideally suited for all Samsung devices with USB Type-C connection.

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