Oxford Black for iPhone 8 / 7 Oxford Black for iPhone 8 / 7

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An impressive piece of high tech: The Gear4 Oxford Case is equipped with D3O. This high-tech material provides unrivalled protection against falls and is used by Olympic ski teams and the military alike. Gear4 equips its cases with D3O to give your smartphone the best protection against falls, bumps, and shocks. Gear4 is the first case manufacturer to use the latest generation of D3O, which obtains more protection from each individual cubic millimeter than comparable materials. That's how Gear4 can deliver cases that are the exceptionally slim, sleek, and protective, making all the difference for you and your phone. In the event of major accidents as well as small mishaps. The Gear4 Oxford Case combines the best protection in extreme situations with optimal usability in everyday life. This is ensured by the clever closing mechanism, integrated card holders, and the stand function for watching movies. D3O is a scientifically tested high-tech material and offers perfect protection for your smartphone. The D3O principle is as simple as it is ingenious: If the smartphone falls to the ground, a strong impulse is generated at the exact spot on which the mobile phone lands. D3O picks up this concentrated impulse, distributes it, and dissipates the force. This eliminates harmful vibrations before they reach your phone. No wonder that D3O is used where it counts. In protective clothing for motorcycle racing, for example. Or helmets for football professionals.

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